Online Microlearning Curriculum

Our comprehensive marketing excellence curriculum is designed to onboard new marketers so your organization has a common language for developing and implementing plans. The degree consists of forty-four video modules focusing on nine core disciplines. The videos average six minutes in duration and we gamify the learning experience by awarding certificates for each knowledge test. Marketers who successfully complete all knowledge tests receive a marketing excellence degree endorsed by your organization.

Online Executive Degree

Our Executive Degree upskills experienced marketers so they can apply the latest evolution in best practices to drive more top and bottom line growth. The degree focuses on the most powerful concepts from the broader curriculum so that experienced and developing marketers share a common frame of reference. The online videos become valuable coaching tools that further support the adoption of best practices.

Interactive Pharmaceutical Case Series

Recent pharmaceutical cases are powerful because they act as mental flight simulators. They show us how context can mislead people to make the wrong decisions. Cases can illustrate causal relationships that people hadn’t recognized before and they highlight unexpected, resourceful ways in which people have solved problems so that marketers can apply them to their our own brands. Our interactive, one-hour cases are perfect for quarterly marketing lunches and department offsite meetings. By putting knowledge into a framework that is more lifelike and truer to our everyday existence, cases get us ready to act.

Custom Module Development and Training

We develop interactive training modules and leaders guides for specific skills that you want to drive deep into your organization. We then train your marketing excellence trainers to roll them out effectively to both developing and experienced marketers. This service was born out of the recognition that some skills require more attention than others at different stages of the business cycle.

Cardinal Academy