#CategorySegment Title
1Market SegmentationIntroduction to Market Segmentation
2Market Segmentation is Broken
3Fixing Market Segmentation
4Value PropositionIntroduction to Value Proposition
5Building Your Value Proposition (Part 1)
6Building Your Value Proposition (Part 2)
7Competitive StrategyIntroduction to Competitive Strategy
8Choosing Your Strategic Role (Part 1)
9Choosing Your Strategic Role (Part 2)
10Deciding Where to Play
11Defining How to Win
12Quantifying the Impact of Strategic Choices
13Stakeholder EngagementIntroduction to Stakeholder Engagement
14Bridging the Strategy Execution Gap
15Directing the Rider
16Motivating the Elephant
17Shaping the Path
18Product PositioningIntroduction to Product Positioning
19Establishing the Right Frame
20Establishing Points of Parity
21Choosing a Compelling Point of Difference
22Communication StrategyIntroduction to Communication Strategy
23Three Facts About the Mind That Every Marketer Should Know
24The Six Principles of Persuasion (Part 1)
25The Six Principles of Persuasion (Part 2)
26Making Your Ideas Stick (Part 1)
27Making Your Ideas Stick (Part 2)
28Integrated CampaignsIntroduction to Integrated Campaigns
29Choosing the Right Tool for Each Job
30Maximizing Campaign Efficiency
31Achieving Campaign Synergy
32Measuring Marketing Outcomes (Part 1)
33Measuring Marketing Outcomes (Part 2)
34Customer TargetingIntroduction to Customer Targeting
35The 80/20 Rule
36The Two Targeting Criteria That Matter Most
37Existing Customers are More Valuable Than New Ones
38Timing is Everything
39Some Prospects Are Easier to Convert Than Others
40SellingIntroduction to Selling
41The Evolution of Selling
42The Emergence of the Challenger Selling Style
43The Core Elements of the Challenger Selling Style
44Commercial Teaching at Iridium Therapeutics
45Customer RetentionIntroduction to Customer Retention
46Customer Retention (Part 1)
47Customer Retention (Part 2)
48Customer Retention (Part 3)
49GrowthIntroduction to Growth
50How Do You Know When Your Core Business Needs to Change?
51How Do You Know What Your New Core Business Should Be?
52The Conditions for Successful Adjacency Expansion

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