The Cardinal Academy marketing excellence curriculum equips marketers to thrive in business-to-business settings. The degree consists of forty-four video modules focusing on the following core disciplines: market segmentation, value proposition, competitive strategy, stakeholder engagement, product positioning, communication strategy, integrated campaigns, customer targeting, selling, customer retention and growth. The curriculum breaks each discipline down into digestible videos that average six minutes in duration.

Each video is accompanied by a knowledge test and participating marketers earn certificates for each discipline they master. Marketers who successfully complete all of the required knowledge tests earn a degree endorsed by your organization.

The Marketing Excellence Curriculum helps developing marketers answer eleven critical questions: 1) What is the right way to segment a market? 2) What is the right way to build a value proposition? 3) How do I choose the right strategy? 4) How do I facilitate active engagement with my strategy? 5) How do I position my product to internal stakeholders? 6) How do I communicate my positioning in the most impactful way? 7) How do I optimize my integrated promotional campaigns? 8) How do I determine the right customers to deliver my message to? 9) What selling approach has proven to be the most effective? 10) What are the most effective ways to retain customers? And 11) How do I grow my business consistently over time?

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